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Peer-Reviewed Articles, Review Articles & Book Chapters

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Professional Reports and Public Engagement Pieces

2021. The New Digital Shekel: Will We Give Up Privacy in the Name of Progress? Globes, August 22nd, 2021. [Hebrew]

2021. The Real Value of The Humanities. The Seventh Eye [Haa'in Hashvii't], March 30th, 2021. [Hebrew] [English translation]

2021. Immunity from the Herd. The Seventh Eye [Haa'in Hashvii't], February 9th, 2021. [Hebrew]

2020. 100% Unemployment is 100% Dangerous. Haaretz, Radical - a Lab for Ideas' Blog, June 1st, 2020. [Hebrew]

​2020. The Truth Behind Conspiracies (original title: Taking Advantage of Conspiracy Theories for Establishing Trust in Democratic and Scientific Institutions). The Seventh Eye [Haa'in Hashvii't], April 23rd, 2020. [Hebrew]

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​2019. Philosophy is Not Dead - But Institutions That Fail to Understand This Will Crumble, TheMarker, June 25th, 2019. [Hebrew] [English translation]

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