Ori Freiman

AI Ethics | Technology Policy | Trust in Technology

I'm a post-doctoral fellow at the Ethics of AI Lab, at the University of Toronto's Centre for Ethics. My interests range from political and epistemological questions which regard AI governance and regulation, to practical implementation of ethical principles. My current research is on the concept of trust in the context of a 'trustworthy AI' (as described by the European Commission's High-Level Expert Group on AI) and its relation to ethical principles, self-regulation practices, and policy-making. In addition to my current academic research, I'm vastly interested in how cryptocurrencies and fintech shape and are shaped by traditional financial institutions and geopolitics.

My formal background is in Analytic Philosophy and in Information Studies. I submitted my thesis, The Role of Knowledge in the Formation of Trust in Technologies, to the Graduate Program in Science, Technology and Society at Bar-Ilan University. The dissertation deals with trust in two emerging technologies: conversational AIs - emphasizing interpersonal trust and anthropomorphism in human-machine relations, and blockchain networks - which mostly regard trust as the outcome of a reliable technical architecture with social governing mechanisms. I explored different perspectives of trust and the role of one’s knowledge in its formation.


November 2021:

  • Presented my paper Ethical and Epistemological Roles of AI in Collective Epistemology at the Ethics of Technology Early-Career Group.

September 2021: