University Teaching

Current Issues in Technology Policy and Ethics ("Architectures of Digital Ecosystems"), McMaster University, PUBPOL 707, 2023.

This course aims to facilitate a critical perspective on digital technologies by focusing on the relations between technical aspects and policy-making. We begin with an introduction to values in technology and uncover common assumptions about technology design and ethics. Next, we scrutinize common notions about technological determinism and that technology is ethically-neutral and consider the view that individuals and institutions shape digital technologies. Then, we learn some of the most radical and cutting-edge approaches to assess the roles technology plays in democracy and societal change. Finally, we apply our knowledge to critically explore the technical aspects underlying current societal issues with a range of case studies such as large language models, predictive policing, and stablecoins. Ultimately, we gain insight into the role of activism in the process of shaping digital technologies. 

Trust and the Ethics of AI, University of Toronto, ETH350, 2022. 

When can we characterize an AI system as trustworthy? In this course, we will get to know some of the fundamental concepts and the most pressing topics related to trust and the ethics of AI. Among the questions that will be raised are: What is so unique in AI-based technologies that its development raises so much concern? How is responsibility distributed in a complex system that operates an AI? How can we recognize ethical whitewash in AI projects? Should policy-makers leave the markets alone to solve these questions? We will examine what a framework of trust in AI might entail by engaging with methodologies for ethically assessing the social impact of technologies, the design of trust in AI-based systems, and consider the most recent roles that activism has played in raising awareness for the wrongdoings of developing and using AIs. 

Introduction to Philosophy, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Advancing Young People Towards Higher Education Program, 2013-2018.

TA at Reichman University (formerly known as Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya):

Philosophy of Technology, 2016-2019.

Philosophy of Technology Design, Reichman University, 2016-2019.

TA at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev:

Life, Evolution, and Genes, 2015.

Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science, 2014.

Ideology, Politics and Science, 2014.

Basic Philosophical Conceptions in the Life Sciences and Their Change in History, 2013.

Jewish Scientists in German Academia and Their Expulsion in the Nazi Era, 2012.

History and Philosophy of Science: An Introduction, 2011.

From Aristotle to Watson and Crick: Classical Texts and Papers in the History and Philosophy of Biology, 2011.