Talks and Invited Lectures

Presentations and Panels (selected)

A Glimpse to the Landscape of AI Policy & Ethics. Policy Talks 2024: A National Convening on Ethics, Narratives, and Artificial Intelligence. The Center for Practical Ethics at the University of Mississippi, USA. February 2024.

The Effects of Opacity on Trust: From Concepts to Measurements. Trust and Opacity in AI: Perspectives from Epistemology, Ethics, and Political Philosophy, Dresden, Germany. November 2023.

New Money, New Data. Graduate Program in Science, Technology & Society Colloquium. Bar-Ilan University, Israel. April 2023.

New Money, New Data. Privacy & Access Council of Canada's Privacy & Data Governance Conference in Ottawa. March 2023. 

Responsible AI. The Wake: Re-Imagine Privacy. February 2023 [delivered online]

Responsible AI. AI Learning Lab @ Inman Connect. New York, January 2023. [video here]

Democratic Oversight of the CBDC Project. The ABC of CBDC. January 2023 [delivered online - Hebrew].

Responsible Implementation of Central Bank Digital Currency, Part 1: Identifying Social Concerns. Transatlantic Blockchain Law. October 2022, City University New York.

Healthy Online Conversations (with Arnon Keren, Aviv Barnoy, and Boaz Miller). Conversations Online. August 2022. [delivered online]

Making Sense of the Conceptual Nonsense 'Trustworthy AI'. What’s Next? Trust and the Ethics of AI. June 2022. [delivered online

Technological and Social “Progress”: The Case of Central Bank Digital Currency. From Bitcoin to Fintech. April 2022. [delivered online]

The Ethics of Central Bank Digital Currency. Ethics of AI in Context. January 2022. [delivered online]

Ethical and Epistemological Roles of AI in Collective Epistemology. Ethics of Technology Early-Career Group. November 2021. [delivered online]

The Israeli Vaccination Campaign Through the Prism of Trust. 4S/Toronto Virtual 2021. September 2021.[delivered online]

Designed to Mimic Humans: Trust in Artificial Speakers and Technology-Based Beliefs. The New Israeli Philosophical Association Conference. July 2021, The Open University, Raa’nana, Israel.

Participatory Technologies & Democracy: New Forms of Governance for Socio-Technical Systems. The Annual Conference of the Israeli Society for the History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science. June 2021, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

Knowledge from Algorithms: Intentionality, Trust, and Normative Assessment. 2021 SJP Workshop: The Ethics of Big Data. April 2021 [lightning round, delivered online].

Democratic Control Over Algorithmic Governance: Posing the Problem that We Wish to Solve. EASST/4S Prague 2020. August 2020. [delivered online]

Knowledge from Algorithms: Trust, Testimony, and Technology. Social (Distance) Epistemology virtual work-in-progress series. May 2020. [delivered online]

Trust, Testimony, and Technology. Canadian Society for Epistemology 2019. November 2019, Concordia University, Montreal. 

Infrastructure-Based Trust. Skepticism and Social Epistemology. April 2019, University of Haifa.

Blockchain Technologies and Techno-Ideologies. The 50th Conference of The Israeli Sociological Society - Between Neo-Liberalism and Populism. January 2019, University of Haifa.

Grounding Trust within a Group of Humans and Non-Humans. Summer School in Social Epistemology. August 28th - September 2017, Autonomous University of Madrid, La Cristalera (Miraflores de la Sierra).

From Individuals to Collective Agents: Expanding Post-Phenomenology's Mediation Theory. The 16th Conference of The Israeli Society for History and Philosophy of Science. April 2017, The Open University of Israel.

Interpreting Quasi-Testimony from Instruments as a Material Hermeneutical Practice [with Boaz Miller]. Philosophy of Technology and Technological Mediation. November 2016, University of Twente.

Trust and Distributed Epistemic Labor [with Boaz Miller]. Trust and Disagreement in Institutions. November 2016, University of Copenhagen.

Privileged Epistemic Actors, Epistemic Authority, and the Trust & Testimony Approach for Generating Knowledge from Technologies. 4S/EASST Conference. September 2016, Barcelona.

Public Controversies Regarding Scientific Knowledge. What's the Bottom Line? June 2016, Bar-Ilan University.

The Trust & Testimony Approach to Knowledge from Instruments. Sixth Annual Graduate Epistemology Conference. June 2016, University of Edinburgh.

Group Knowledge and Individual Responsibility: Epistemic Issues within Wikipedia. Studies in Design and Art. October 2015, Kibbutzim College of Education Technology and the Arts, Northern Campus, Tel-Aviv.

Epistemology and the Internet of Things. IEEE Standards Association Summer 2015 IoT Startup Event. August 2015, Renaissance Hotel, Tel-Aviv.

Didactical and Political Insights from Teaching Philosophy in a Bicultural Class. Philosophy in Schools with Students Conference, July 2015, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK. [delivered online]

Techno-Politics and the Techno-Epistemic Framework. The 1st Knowledge, Science, and Technology Studies Community within The Israeli Sociological Association Conference. January 2015, Bar-Ilan University.

Online Conspiracy Theories: Challenges to Current Issues in Social Epistemology. The 13th Conference of The Israeli Society for History and Philosophy of Science. December 2013, Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem.

Invited lectures on the topic of research dissemination (selected)

Institution-Level Policies and Practices for Maximizing Visibility of Research Profiles. June 2021, Shamir Research Institute [delivered online].

Maximizing Visibility of Research Profiles and Research Outputs. May 2021, Library and Information Systems, Bar-Ilan University [delivered online].

Dissemination of Research Output: A Paradigm Shift for Maximizing Visibility, Publicity and Impact. December 2019, Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University.

Leading the workshop Online Visibility of Research and Researchers. February 2018, Sapir Academic College, Sderot.

Innovations on All Fronts: Scouting and Implementing Technologies in The Social Sciences, Management and Education Library [With Shlomit Perry]. INFO 2017: The 31st Annual Conference & Exhibition. May 2017, Tel-Aviv.

Invited lectures for public outreach and engagement (selected)

Living Without Illusions: Technological Slavery and Freedom. Kidumatica, May 2018. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel.

Participant, Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue in Responsible Research and Innovation. NANO2ALL, October 2017. Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem.

Techno-Politics: A Dispute Between Ideologies. Researcher's Night: Humanity 2050. September 2017. Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem.

A Theory of Conspiracy Theories: What Philosophy and Technologies can add to the Public Discourse about Conspiracy Theories. Night of Philosophy. May 2017, Tel-Aviv.

Chairman, The Biometric Database and Smart Biometric I.D. Committee. Jerusalem's Youth Science Parliament. January 2017, Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem's City Hall, and the Israeli Parliament.