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Peer-Reviewed Articles, Review Articles & Book Chapters

2024. AI-Testimony, Conversational AIs and Our Anthropocentric Theory of Testimony. Social Epistemology.

2023. Analysis of Beliefs Acquired from a Conversation AI. Episteme.

2023. Vaccine Hesitancy and the Concept of Trust. Minerva.

2022. Making Sense of the Conceptual Nonsense 'Trustworthy AI'. AI and Ethics. 

2020. (with Boaz Miller) Trust and Distributed Epistemic Labor, in: Judith Simon (ed.), The Routledge Handbook on Trust and Philosophy. Routledge.

2020. (with Boaz Miller) Can Artificial Entities Assert?, in: Sanford Goldberg (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Assertion. Oxford University Press.

2019. The Philosophy of Taking Conspiracy Theories Seriously, Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 8(9): 51-61.

2017. Knowledge in a Conspiratorial World, The Berlin Review of Books, March 31st, 2017.

2016. Cass R. Sunstein, Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas, Spontaneous Generations: A Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science 8(1): 100-104.

2014. Towards the Epistemology of the Internet of Things: Techno-Epistemology and Ethical Considerations Through the Prism of Trust, International Review of Information Ethics 22(2): 6-22.

Policy Working Paper

2024. CBDC Governance: Programmability, Privacy and Policies. Centre for International Governance Innovation's Digital Policy Hub Working Papers. CIGI Online. 

Public Engagement Pieces

2024. AI and Human Rights. Times of Israel, April 23. [Hebrew]

2023. The Bank of Canada must address the sky-high distrust around its digital currency. The Globe and Mail, December 11. (Republished by CIGI)

2023. As the Bank of Canada Prepares for a Digital Canadian Dollar, Democratic Concerns Loom Large [original title: Trust and the Digital Canadian Dollar]. The Conversation, June 22.

2023. (with Nizan Geslevich Packin) Automation's Hidden Costs: The Case Against A Paywalled Human Touch. Forbes, May 22.

2023. The Democratic Aspect of the Israeli Digital Shekel. Calcalist, May 19. [Hebrew]

2023. Currently, Say 'No!' to the Digital Canadian Dollar. Toronto Star, May 16.

2022. Liability, Privacy, and an Arrested Developer: The Ongoing Case of Tornado Cash. DataEthics.EU. September 25th.

2022. (with Nizan Geslevich Packin) Artificial intelligence products cannot be moral agents. Toronto Star, August 7th.

2022.  Central bank digital currencies could mean the end of democracy, The Conversation (Republished by The National Post), August 1st.

2022. (with Nizan Geslevich Packin) The Robots are Coming. Should We Change the Legislation for Them? (original title: The Rights of Algorithms and Assigning Liability to Software Corporations), Calcalist, July 5th. [Hebrew]

2021. The New Digital Shekel: Will We Give Up Privacy in the Name of Progress? Globes, August 22nd. [Hebrew]

2021. The Real Value of The Humanities. The Seventh Eye [Haa'in Hashvii't], March 30th. [Hebrew] [English translation]

2021. Immunity from the Herd. The Seventh Eye [Haa'in Hashvii't], February 9th. [Hebrew]

2020. 100% Unemployment is 100% Dangerous. Haaretz, Radical - a Lab for Ideas' Blog, June 1st. [Hebrew]

​2020. The Truth Behind Conspiracies (original title: Taking Advantage of Conspiracy Theories for Establishing Trust in Democratic and Scientific Institutions). The Seventh Eye [Haa'in Hashvii't], April 23rd. [Hebrew]

​2019. Philosophy is Not Dead - But Institutions That Fail to Understand This Will Crumble, TheMarker, June 25th. [Hebrew] [English translation]

​​2016. A Brief History of Philosophy of Technology (original title: A Hebrew Celebration of Philosophy of Technology), Haaretz, Literature, October 28th: 8-9. [Hebrew]

Open Letters

April 2024. Joint call for AIDA to be sent back for meaningful public consultation and redrafting

March 2024. Reject Private Sector Carve-Out in Council of Europe AI Convention Negotiations.

February 2024. Disrupting the Deepfake Supply Chain. 

November 2023. Time to Introduce the Online Safety Bill.

September 2023. Letter of Concern Regarding the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA) to the Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry 

March 2023. Future of Life's Pause Giant AI Experiments. 

Policy-Related Reports

2023. (with 200+ experts) Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values 2022 Report, Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP), April.

2023. (with 46 collaborators) Tech & Democracy: People, Organizations, and Ideas for a Better Tech Future, All Tech Is Human, March

2022. (with Amir Cahane, Gadi Perl, and Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler, on behalf of the Israeli Democracy Institute) AI Policy in Israel: Response to the Israeli Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology's Policy, Regulation and Ethics Document in the Field of AI [Hebrew]

2022. (with 92 collaborators) AI and Human Rights: Building a Tech Future Aligned With the Public Interest, All Tech Is Human, June.

2019. (with 84 collaborators) Blockchain in Trade Facilitation, unpublished manuscript, Virginia Cram Martos (ed.). United Nations Economic and Social Council.